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New Blog!

That's right - the upgrade is almost complete! Please add www.acapturedblog.com to your favorites :)

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The website is up! YAY!

The new website is up and should be running smoothly by tomorrow! It's been forever in the making, and I'm thankful to have it almost finished. Many of the galleries are sparse, and I'll be adding to them in the coming days. Did I say YAY yet?!?

You can start here to see everything - www.acapturedlife.com
You can find our new portrait site at http://www.acapturedlife.com/portraits/index2.php
and the wedding site at http://www.acapturedlife.com/weddings/index2.php.

The new blog will take a bit longer, but I'm willing to wait. It should be SCHWEET.

Thanks for hanging in there! I doubt I'll ever blog all of the latest portrait shoots, but the best will be in the galleries anyway. YAY!

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New Website and Blog!

Hey all! I'm am excited to announce that we will SOON be sporting a new website and new blog. The website will still be located at www.acapturedlife.com, but it will have different sites for portraits and weddings. The blog will be located at www.acapturedblog.com We're growing, baby!

There may be a period of time when the website is down while everything is changing over. Please bear with us! I'm super excited.

We've been making all of these changes while vacationing in Oregon, hosting my parents, and working around the clock to keep up with image edits! It has been super busy, but a great time too. I was finally able to sit down and hammer out some wedding packages - I think you'll be happy with the outcome! As I've said before, our goal is to make awesome photography available to everyone. Wedding packages range from $500-$4500 and include schweet goodies like proof books, albums, wedding slideshows, online videos, and more! You can check out the new prices at www.capturedlife.com/ACLweddingprices.pdf

I will create a portraits document soon... but probably not until the website is up and running.

Thanks for making A Captured Life so much fun!

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The Princess has Arrived!

Sometimes I do things and wonder just how badly I'll regret it in the days to come...

Yesterday I sorted through my make-up goodies and gave a bunch of things to Anna. Nordstrom is having a massive sale because they're changing their logo - get all kinds of things for $1 on their website www.eyeslipsface.com! I stocked up and figured I'd let Anna share in the celebration. She was SO excited looking through her goodies that she was silent - and that doesn't happen often. She carefully put brown eye shadow on her cheeks, green eye liner on her forehead, and about 10 shades of lipstick all the way up to her nose. It was darn cute!

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A busy month!

When you start a business, you always wonder how long it will take for things to get busy. Man, oh man! The past two months have been crazy, but so much fun. I've got a bunch of weddings to look forward to this year, and a constant flow of portrait sessions. I'm trying to keep the blog updated, but it's hard to keep up! And I noticed that I haven't posted any images of the ladies in quite some time. SO, I'm taking a break from business to show you just how cute my cuties are :)

We were painting some Mother's Day cards this morning, and I got some pictures of Anna hard at work. I thought about giving Evie a paint brush... but decided not to since she would have probably just eaten it.

Evie discovered my "studio lighting" and was going after the Pocket Wizard! Hopefully she didn't suffer any permanent eye damage from looking at the flash. YIKES that thing is BRIGHT!

I've decided to forgo the butterfly icon for now - but it's not gone for long :)

Happy Mother's Day!

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Scott & Rachel - The Big Day

What a fun day! The sun was shining with burn-your-eyeballs brightness, which is perfect for a wedding at the Carleen Bright Arboretum. The wedding consultant Lois kept things running smoothly and the DJ Johnnie kept things hopping at the reception. I'm so glad I was there!

Andrew the ring bearer was a little shy in the beginning, so Scott and Andy showed him the ring - what responsibility!

Rachel is gorgeous, so I've got to include more of her! Here's a few more of her portraits.

My friend Jorge joined me as second-shooter, and it was great fun to have a partner! This image of Scott with the flower girl is his. Awesome!
Big man Andrew warmed up as the night went on. We had a contest of who could get the best picture! I don't think the camera survived the night... sorry about that Andy!
And, of course, the rings! Both wedding bands and Baylor alums. I won't tell you how many of those Kisses I ate over the course of the evening :)

The story is that Rachel JUST bought this car and they were prohibited from using shoe polish on it... so the groomsmen got creative - those are GUMMY WORMS! I love it.Congrats guys!

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Ryne's Grads

Congrats on finishing high school! First off, let me say that Ryne's name is just too cool for words. It's pronounced "Rine," and for all you that knew me before I was married, you'll understand why I think that's awesome! If we have a boy you may see this name again...

Secondly let me say that Ryne has one of the best smiles I've ever seen! I asked him to take me to prom, but it's illegal - you can't bring a date younger than 8th grade or older than 22 or so. Now you all know I'm older than 22 :) Ah well! No YMCA for me this year.

Thanks for a great Saturday morning with your family!

On a side note, I'm playing with sticking my logo on the pictures. I'm not sure if I like this or not... feel free to weigh in on the issue! I just love the butterfly too much not to put it EVERYWHERE! Thanks again, Natalie!

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Natalie's Bridals

Meet Natalie, Bryan's future bride! We had a ball at the Arboretum this morning and got some awesome images. I liked a lot of them... so I posted a lot of them!

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Dixie's Grads

Look at this beauty! Dixie and I took on the sun and got some amazing senior pictures. Thanks for a great time! I had a lot of fun today. And congrats on your graduation!

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Treavor & Alina

It was an absolute joy to spend an evening with this family! Adorable kids, loving parents, and lots of smiles all around. Even baby Huy was happy in the end! Thanks for a fun romp in the grass, and be blessed wherever the Lord leads you.

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